Philadelphias Inspiration Station
WNNL 103.9 The Light FM Black Gospel Music from Raleigh
WPZZ 104.7 Praise FM Black Gospel Music from Richmond
WPRS 104.1 Praise FM Black Gospel Music from Washington
WJYD 106.3 Joy FM Black Gospel from Columbus
WYCA 102.3 Rejoice FM Christian Black Gospel Music from Chicago
Rick Haines Ministries
I bought 1 of these FM Transmitter because there is not that many Christian radio stations where i live...connected it to my computer, chose a radio station to listen to on the internet....It broadcasted to any radio within a 100 yards....I love it! one of the best investment for my family spiritual.....P.S.  If you decide to purchase one make sure it broadcast in stereo ..Love you in Christ Rick Haines
Detroit Mich.